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D. Feist is a career elementary school teacher originally from Pennsylvania. As a lad Feist explored in the outdoors - fishing, hiking, camping, gardening, and hunting in his spare time. At an early age Feist enjoyed writing for school assignments. In his tenure as an elementary teacher David taught every grade from K-8, with many years taught at the Kindergarten, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade levels. Between 1989-2010, Feist focused much attention on reading and writing instruction. Also in that time Feist read hundreds of children's books for themes to share with his students.

Feist began actively writing in 1995, he recollects, and began to illustrate and release many of his works in 2013. Feist emphasizes nature, family, loyalty, personal responsibility, conservation, natural science, American history, natural history, values, beauty, and humor themes throughout his poetry, short stories, novels, photo essays, and illustrations.

E-mail the author at davidfeistpublishing@yahoo.com

For purchase on Amazon Books...


Gold in Askov!

Will Jordan Hansen find the lost gold and silver coins from 1894 on the family farm?

**New for 2015-2016 school year
**Grades 4-5

Letters From Grammy

and The Twin Pines Kids Mysteries

**new for summer 2015
**from Finlayson, Minnesota
**for grades 5-6

New Releases-

The Petie Books (Grades 2-4):

Petie and the Bus Driver
Petie and the Elephant,
Petie: Just in Time,
Petie At the Zoo


** The Beach Kids and the Lost Lemur!  -for Grades 4-5  (Teacher ACTIVITY BOOKS also available)
** Searching For Lost Pirate Treasure! (Book 2)
** The Beach Twins

***Released in January, 2015-
The Viking Relic--- By surprise, from the Townsend Teen Mysteries Series-Volume 3, for Grades 4-6
(Teacher ACTIVITY BOOK now available)

****Winter 2015
DEER HUNTING IN NORTH AMERICA- out with the old, in with the new, but still that great family and friends "deer camp

The Black-Eyed Susans Are Dying Now:
From the Prairie Naturalist Notes of David Feist  -of Finlayson, Minnesota (in b/w or full-color gift editions) released in summer 2014

--with illustrations and color photographs, or   avail. in b/w

******Intermediate MYSTERY
Operation Code Name Zero Dark Thirty
         -The hilarious antics of 19 rough and tumble fourth graders, done in the spirit of  'Get Smart'

******The White Buck of The Smokies- Clearly one of our best books yet (Teen Mystery Volume 2 and sequel to The Lost Campsite of the Smokies)

[in b/w and full color versions]

*******The Wonders of Cades Cove Volume V- The Great Smoky Mountains and Cades Cove (our most artistically prepared photo essay)


Captain Jack Rootbeard: Pirate, Hero, and Friend (author's choice, artist's cover)  

2. Abandoned Homestead Americana (including Large Print specification) coffee table books

3. The Wonders of Cades Cove Volume I -Bucks of Cades Cove (coffee table book)

4. The Wonders of Cades Cove Volume II -Cades Cove: The End of Winter (coffee table book)

5. The Wonders of Cades Cove Companion Edition: Townsend, Tennessee (coffee table book)

6. Wildlife Photo Essay Grand Slam: Wilderness of Tennessee (photo-essay- also in updated 2nd edition with new additions) (The largest sample of single-site trail camera photographs of mammal furbearers EVER assembled on earth.)

7. The Complete Artworks of D. Feist (Art)

8. My Alphabet Book (illustrated by Erin Feist, for preschool, Pre-K, Kinder-)

9. My Dad and I Went Camping: A Counting Book 1-10 (illustrated by Craig Feist, for preschool, Pre-K, Kinder-)

10. Weather Through the Seasons (Kindergarten-Grade 1)

11. Spring of Life (Grade 2, reading and science)

12. My Dad and I Hiked Mount LeConte (by Craig Feist, grades 2-3)

13. Cades:Cove-The Beginning of Autumn (Volume 4 in the Wonders of Cades Cove series)

14. Close Off the Hall and Delete the Cheaters' Stats: It's a New Millennium  (Baseball--All Ages)   2nd edition 2014

15. Sketches of an Amateur Naturalist (Nature Art)

16. Gold in the Volunteer State! (Gr. 5-8 realistic and historical fiction)

17. The Princess of Brookwood (Gr. 4-7 girls, realistic fiction)

18. Escape From El Salvador: The Lionel F. Story (biography)

19. The Cook Nearly Killed Us! (humor-ages 9-99)

20. The Lost Campsite of the Smokies (Middle School Mystery)

Thank you,

David Feist & Family
Contact our company any time at the e-mail address----      davidfeistpublishing@yahoo.com

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